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The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling is for those students who would like to practice Christian Counseling in pastoral ministry and para-church organizations.

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Christian Ministry Degree Program Graduate School of. Equipping servant leaders for the calling of their lives through various ministry training opportunities through earning a master’s degree in Christian Ministry

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Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis. Liberty's 100% Online MA in Christian Apologetics Provides Students with Philosophical, Historical, and Biblical Training to Defend Christianity.

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Master of Worldview Studies - Institute for Christian Studies Information about the Christian graduate school of philosophy in Toronto Canada, including its Masters and PhD programs.

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/Authors Master List in the Free Christian Library On-line. Non profit non-denominational Christian Bible facts, truths and online Christian reference materials, all for free. Learn the Bible's Simple Plan of.

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Christian County Master Commissioner Welcome to the Christian County Master Commissioner Website . Lee M. Harton, Christian County Master Commissioner. Diana Henson, Assistant . Christian County Master.

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NOBTS - Apologetics Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics 36 hours. A professional degree that seeks to offer hands-on training in Christian Apologetics. Perfect for student ministry.

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Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL) Degree. Earn your Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

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Master, Mission, Mate: A Guide for Christian Singles: Ken. Master, Mission, Mate: A Guide for Christian Singles [Ken Graves, Calvary Chapel Publishing] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Have you conformed.