Them: Guard Dog Breeds (Top Guard Dogs)

Please note that ALL of these breeds are excellent guard dogs and that the differences in performance between these top guard dog breeds will ultimately depend on the.

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Victorian Bulldog (Ken Mollett Bulldog) Kenn Mollet studied early Victorian paintings, statues, written descriptions and engravings and prints, and found that in those days bulldogs were much more athletic.

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Bulldog breeds. The different types of bulldogs. The modern bulldog breeds descended from these dogs and those re-created through breeding programs include: alapaha blue blood bulldog, american bulldog, aussie.

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Schutzhund Top Working Dogs, Training Manual: Dietmar. Schutzhund Top Working Dogs, Training Manual [Dietmar Schellenberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the fifth edition of 'TWD', a.

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American Bulldog Information Pages The principal architects of today's American Bulldog are Allen Scott and John D. Johnson. Before they renamed the breed to 'American Bulldog' the dogs were known by a.